While we all would like to be able to count on health and prosperity to remain stable in our lives 100 percent of the time, the reality is that sometimes, unforeseeable and unexpected conditions can throw our lives - and our finances - out of balance, leaving ourselves and our families vulnerable to certain losses.

To protect against loss - specifically, loss of income - through physical injury, health problems, job loss, and death, Spruce Credit Union offers insurance services to help you, your family, and your finances to stay strong should those situations arise.  Our insurance options will cover your loan payment, your mortgage payment, your bills or even your own pocketbook for a low monthly premium, in the event of unfortunate circumstances.  Because while the sky may never fall, there may be a time when ourselves or things in our lives do.


Ask in branch about our different insurance packages to find out which one is best suited to your needs, or call us at 250 562 5415 to speak with a Member Services Representative or a Certified Financial Planning Professional.