Get the most from your mortgage.

Looking for a mortgage that does more? You're not alone. For many, a mortgage represents the single largest investment a person can make, and yet there's very little you can do with one. That is, unless your mortgage is a CreditMaster®.

CreditMaster® is a different kind of mortgage. Flexible and readvanceable, it builds your borrowing power as you pay down your mortgage, and when your property value increases. In other words, the money you put into your mortgage today is money you can still use tomorrow. This makes CreditMaster® a powerful financial planning tool, as well as the only loan you'll ever need.


  • Choose variable, fixed or both – securing different loan agreements and terms under a single CreditMaster®.
  • Grow your borrowing power as you pay down your mortgage.
  • Attach new term loans or a home equity line of credit (HELOC) without ever having to pay additional legal fees.
  • Borrow using the low mortgage rates you've already secured, or negotiate separate rates and terms entirely.
  • Use the growing equity in your CreditMaster® to fund additional borrowing needs throughout your life, while saving money.

CreditMaster® keeps you flexible.

Stuck choosing between a fixed and variable rate mortgage? With CreditMaster®, you can attach multiple loan agreements to your mortgage with different rates and terms, so you can get the best of both worlds. And when it comes to additional borrowing, the same principles apply – allowing you to attach new term loans or a home equity line of credit (HELOC) quickly and easily, whenever the need arises.

As your borrowing power increases, you can use your CreditMaster® to consolidate debt, fund your child's education, renovate your home or start a new adventure. Whether you choose to do some of these things, none of these things or different things entirely, your CreditMaster® mortgage will always provide you with the freedom of knowing you can.

For further information about a CreditMaster® mortgage, or if you would like to apply, contact your local branch to meet with one of our lenders or apply online today.


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